Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Singapore 2013

Is 2013 now. Time flies huh?!
Well, i had started my 2013 with a so long planned family trip. 
Although there were so many incidents happened which were good and bad as well in between this trip but after all i would say that i really enjoyed it. Had a great time with all my closest. 
As i would always say, family is golds! There is nothing else more important than family for me at the moment. So, do not harm my family orelse i will hunt you down :p

Went to Universal Studio Singapore. It was really AWESOME! Although we got a good deal for the entrance tickets but still it was really f**king expensive right after converted into MYR. But all i would say it's really worth the price. :)


 South East Asia Aquarium, Singapore.

Flyer Singapore! As you can fly! Really a nice scenery shot from the top to the bottom!!

 A pic of few of us after Universal Studio. Hahaha

And this is me! Took it out of my randomness and boreness. hehehehehe

There are still got a lot of pics but there are in my hands right now. I promise i will upload more after i got them all. Anyway, it's bed time. Nights, peepo. :)

Pls: Nothing much i wanna say. Chaoz!