Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Singapore 2013

Is 2013 now. Time flies huh?!
Well, i had started my 2013 with a so long planned family trip. 
Although there were so many incidents happened which were good and bad as well in between this trip but after all i would say that i really enjoyed it. Had a great time with all my closest. 
As i would always say, family is golds! There is nothing else more important than family for me at the moment. So, do not harm my family orelse i will hunt you down :p

Went to Universal Studio Singapore. It was really AWESOME! Although we got a good deal for the entrance tickets but still it was really f**king expensive right after converted into MYR. But all i would say it's really worth the price. :)


 South East Asia Aquarium, Singapore.

Flyer Singapore! As you can fly! Really a nice scenery shot from the top to the bottom!!

 A pic of few of us after Universal Studio. Hahaha

And this is me! Took it out of my randomness and boreness. hehehehehe

There are still got a lot of pics but there are in my hands right now. I promise i will upload more after i got them all. Anyway, it's bed time. Nights, peepo. :)

Pls: Nothing much i wanna say. Chaoz!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Once again, i'm on the holiday mode. hahahahahaha. I know. I know. I know is ridiculous that i'm on the holiday mode again like once again but is true. Probably gonna rot another one and half month until the beginning of February 2013.
Well, tomorrow is the so called doom day which is end of the world day. hahahaha. Do you guys believe it? Personally i don't cuz is kind of ridiculous but who knows it will actually comes true. Frankly, I don't really fear of this day, maybe i had been taking life too easy that we should enjoy and cherish every single moments that we are living now as you know, life is really really really damn freaking bastardly SHORT! So, start to appreciate and be grateful for everything we got :)

Oh ya, i haven't been updating my recent life, didn't i? hahahahhaha. Have been enjoying my study life plus hanging loitering life with a bunch of good friends! Another year and i'm graduating already, i guess i will be freaky missing this life cuz i don't have to work and earn and survive myself and i can play and fool around like a happy clown. But too bad, i have to be awaken after 3 years' of long sleep. hahahahaha.
And i have one new friend with me for 2 years and i have it wearing no matter what happened, i bet me and this new friend gonna be very good friend as i have to eat, sleep, shower, and play with it on me. And this new friend is ensuring me a beauty result after 2 years of sticking with it. And that is.... BRACES!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yea! I'm on braces now. I have to be honest that this friend seriously tortured me till the max. I lost 2kg of weight just because being friend with it but i'm thankful that i'm not round like a doreamon anymore :p hehehehehehehee. Hopefully i don't look awful with this braces on :p

Pls: I'm living to cherish and be happy every single moment! :D

Sunday, September 30, 2012

the returns

i'm lonely, i'm tired, i'm missing you again, once again...
heart beats, tear sheds, mixed feeling...

i keep telling myself things will be alright, time mends, etc. but the truth is, when comes to the reality, i'm still such a coward who can't face myself and everything. 

i know only me, myself can help myself out. i know i gotta be strong no matter what. 
i'm just lonely, i'm tired, i'm missing you again, once again...

i just wanna smile like a shinning star :'(

pls: things passed so so long, i'm here sincerely hoping that memories and feelings would also go  away just like how time flies. i'm such a coward. i'm sorry. i hurt myself once again.
i'm sorry, aemybeheiyping. :'(

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm vain

Sometimes, things don't go on as what you wish it could be. I don't know. All i know in my mind is that i can't afford to fail myself once again, like once again! This is what i keep bearing in my mind always and always and always. I know i'm a little bit vain, like more or less but i really can't help cuz sometimes i really think that i'm just really hopeless and useless. :'(

Pls: I promise this is gonna be my last time to post such emo post once again! I wanna be a happy girl like what i had promised sei fish last night. I don't wanna let anybody down cuz i know they care a lot for me and i have to prove that i'm really a tough girl who can overcome every obstacles in life. :D

Thursday, September 6, 2012



哈哈哈哈哈`。。。鬼脸的我 :p

pls: 我要发出内心地大笑。 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。!!傻了我@@

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Just another day. Well, i had stopped working few days ago already. Feel kinda relax, at least, i don't have to wake up early in the morning and come back only at night. Everyday routine was only go to work, finish working then sleep and keep rotating the same again and again. 
HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I know i kinda good in whining things but i just can't help cuz working as a promoter is TIRING & BORING!!
Anyway, gonna start new sem already and it's time to say bye to mommy, home and Taiping and hello to Penang again!
Time flies, seriously! 4 months just passed like this, like nothing at all, like it was just 4 days. But actually in these 4 months, i spent 2months fooling and also touring in Aussie, 1 month working and another month rotting at home. What a summer semester this year?! Gonna miss holidays once again after classes started!
Is time to start fighting for new semester again! Sighhh~ when i think of assignments! Tons of assignments waiting for me! There are all nightmares :'(

Just sharing a pic of mine.
This was taken last month in Penang Hill while i was waiting for my henna art to be drawn!

Pls: Time mends :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still RIP, Mommy!

It's been a year. Time flied, seriously! Like it was just a blink of eyes...
But i still remember every single scenes that happened this day. It was just like happened yesterday. I couldn't believe it already been a year until i saw on the calender.

21st August 2011/ 22nd August 2011, were the toughest days i ever had in my entirely life. I will never forget what happened in this day cuz it was the day i lost the person i loved the most in this entire whole planet. It's still very fresh on my mind. I remember everything and my heart is so heavy and hard on the moment cuz i just can't help myself with anything. I don't know. I really don't have any ideas. I don't know how long it gonna takes for me to let go but i know i have to be tough. I can never break down cuz i didn't want to disappoint anybody especially her. I will just keep telling myself, everything is gonna be alright and i'm gonna be alright. I will be alright!

Mom, thanks for everything you had done in my life. Without you, i will be still be that girl who don't know anything about life and live just in her own world and pretended like a princess like nobody's business. I'm just so grateful for your presence! I know i can't have you back in my life anymore but i know you will always be with me, always be, I know it. I promise i will be good. I will make you proud.
Mom, I love you! :')

Pls: Mommy, 1st anniversary! xoxo